• Jennifer Kolomoni

H&M Limited Edition Collection for Grazia

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

This summer was going to be easy and smooth. I imagined myself sorting through my wardrobe while listening to the latest Solange album and organizing my drawers Maria Kondo style, on a fine Monday afternoon. It was only just a dream, there was none of that 'cause I have been booked, booked, BOOKED, BUEKTTT.

So here it is, this is one of the projects I've had the opportunity to work on this summer;

H&M Limited Edition Collection for Eid Al Adha. I've compiled my favorite pictures, which happen to be mostly the unpublished pictures.

You can see the final published shots here and in the video below.

Jennifer xx


Model Camilla, MMG Models

Photographer Vaughan Treyvellan, MMG Artists

Videographer Emiliano Arganaraz

Hair & Make up Stefan Jemeel, MMG Artists

Stylist and Creative Director Jennifer Kolomoni, MMG Artists

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